Art Direction + Branding + Graphic Design

As this site’s domain name and logo probably give away, I’m Benjamin Sidon; a graphic designer and branding specialist based in idyllic Redondo Beach, CA. I’m currently retained as the Lead Graphic Designer for Kaminsky Real Estate Group, which includes ITZSOLD Inc., Premiere Estates Auction Company, SportStar Relocation and Braun Worldbid.

Before my work with Kaminsky Real Estate Group, I spent five years (2009-2014) as the Art Director of Small Arms Defense Journal, an internationally-distributed defense magazine that I branded and designed. During my time at SADJ, I delivered more than 3,000 pages of content spread across 24 physical issues, and I handled the creation of all marketing collateral, as well as the magazine’s web presence.

Previously, I worked as a Production Artist at MediaPro, LLC in Bothell, WA creating static graphics for clients such as Boeing, Microsoft and Eli Lilly. I’ve been interested in both typography and page layout since I was in high school, and my knowledge of InDesign even prompted Adobe to bring me onboard as a contract Quality Engineer during the development of both CS3 and CS4. More information about my work history and qualifications can be found in my resume.

When I’m not designing marketing campaigns for seven-figure homes on The Strand, I can be found lazily pedaling down the beach on my beach cruiser, hiking the Palos Verdes peninsula or motoring through the hills of Malibu in my Mazda MX-5 (easily spotted by its BENDONDO license plates). I’m passionate about food and travel, and any time those two things can be combined, well, I’m a happy guy. I’ve been fortunate enough to visit 26 countries so far, and each one of those has made me a better-educated and more well-rounded person.

I don’t see any Boeing, Microsoft or Eli Lilly samples in your portfolio. Are you a liar?
Nope. MediaPro designs customized digital training courses for its clients (including the aforementioned Big Corporations); I created original graphics for these courses based on direction from each project’s Instructional Designer. However, the proprietary information agreement (PIA) I was made to sign while working for MediaPro prohibits me from sharing any of my work. My resume provides contact information for my former MediaPro superiors, who can vouch for my creativity, productivity and work ethic.